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Titanic Security

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

At the Titans game, Uncle Bud Adams spared no expense to assemble crack police officers from Spring Hill and other areas, spreading the wealth to the hustings.

I had decided to park at a free meter on James Robertson and ride my fat tire unicycle to the tailgaters, because the cruise speed on that sucker is a nice brisk run. Perfect vehicle for threading through crowds rapidly.

So I park my unicycle and lock it to a tree next to some tailgaters.

Come back a few hours later, unicycle gone. Talk to the cops. They had confiscated it. Told me the tires could have been loaded with C-4 explosive. They weren’t too worried, I have to say, because they were merrily riding all over the stadium in their golf cart with the unicycle perched in the back.

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