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Nashville Schools

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

Last week, I went to the football game at MBA. This week, I went to Whites Creek Pike, where their Cobras were struck by the mighty Spartans from Stratford.

As I took the pictures, I was reflecting on a recent Chamber of Commerce report on education. On page 13, it shows a graph showing 10% of the Cobra and 6% of the Spartan class of 2010 scored a 21 or better composite on their ACT… the minimum necessary for a lottery scholarship.

And yet as I saw the pride in their bands and their ROTC (pictured here) and their football teams, I knew these kids were no less deserving of success in life than their more fortunate brethren across town. It crushes me to look at these aspiring faces and know what an uphill battle they face without probability of college success.

Why aren’t they angrier? Why aren’t they taking over their lunchrooms and demanding a better education? How can we be incapable to empower their future?

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