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Mission Accomplished

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

What a fun year. 5,300 portraits later, the world looks a bit different to me.

The most striking discovery I made was the incredibly dignity each and every person brought to their picture, regardless of their station in life, the circumstance, and, in some cases, their sobriety or sanity. I was consistently taken back by how every single person could project such a calm sense of dignity when asked for their picture.

I learned a lot about light and getting the shot, which makes me happy, too.

Where to go from here? With the wonderful Adrianne Murray’s help, we’ve mounted a huge exhibit at the McCabe Park Community Center.

Misty Adfield, manager of the McCabe Community Center says: “Music City Faces has transformed the feeling of our space. Being surrounded by such beautiful, dignified faces makes our visitors proud to be engaged in our community and lets them participate in the embrace we extend to everyone.”

It seems to me that the image of Nashville is ten years behind its reality. I hope our exhibit will help fast forward our city’s self-image. We’ll be working on other installations and offshoot projects. I hope to see you on the far side of the lens!

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