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Updated: Aug 21, 2019

The symphony was playing at the Bicentennial Mall, with the kickoff slated right at sundown.

One of the things professional photographers don’t tell you is how photographic magic happens. That’s because most of it is dumb luck. You take 100 pictures, you get two magical ones if you’re lucky. And if you’re a pro, you just show people the magical ones. So they assume pros generate magic at will.

Since I show almost all my shots, you can see what I mean about magic. That night, the light was a dream. I was feeling pretty good about what I’d shot, the band had finished the Star Spangled Banner, and the light was just about gone. I’m packing up my gear and take one more glance around. There she is. Sunset right behind her. Stunning look. Did the same thing I did 300 times before that night. Focus. Pull the trigger. Shazzam! Magic. That’s how it really works.

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