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Lady Gaga

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

The front entrance to the Bridgestone Arena is my favorite place in Nashville to take pictures. The building shades the sun going down, but light bounces around everywhere like crazy. And people are in a festive mood as they go to their events, open to having their pictures made.

Then just across the street, in front of Tootsies, when the sun has gone below the horizon, the neon lights create another perfect light storm for pics.

Shooting Lady Gaga fans was a real fish in a barrel deal for a photographer. Everywhere you turned, there was another character who had worked hard on getting their look just right.

Now I come from the rock era of the 70’s, when concerts were drunken drug fests, and I assumed Lady Gaga fans would be a pretty wild crowd as well. I was totally wrong on that count.

While the fans looked wild, they were, in fact, among the most innocent you could ever hope to meet. I did not see a single drunk or inebriated person in the crowd. They were there to dress up and have a good time, but they were sober, upright and sweet.

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