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Updated: Aug 21, 2019

Today was a happy day attending the groundbreaking for Nashville’s new Leadership Center being built by the YMCA at their Camp Widjiwagan. It will be a place apart, creatively shaping leaders and transforming our community–a magnificent facility housing important conversations for our fair city’s nonprofits, schools and corporations.

The reason it’s being built is this fellow here, Nashville’s leading philanthropist, Cal Turner. It was his idea, and he made it happen. I can’t say how many millions of dollars he’s given to the YMCA, because I don’t know, and you wouldn’t believe me even if I did.

This is a pretty accurate representation of Cal. You might think his power and accomplishments would translate into a sense of self-importance, but you’d be dead wrong. Cal is the most impish, joyful, and fun-loving fellow you’ll ever meet.

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